ImPress Press on Manicure!

I received an Influenster box for the new impress press-on manicure kits.  I love them! They come in such a great range of colors and styles and they very easy to apply.  I highly recommend them to anyone who likes having their nails look great without spending a lot of money.  You can pick them up at Walmart Canada or on with free shipping!


Intro Post

Okay so this is just a little PSA about myself (this sounds so much like a humble brag but I swear its not!).
I’m 24 years old and live in Ontario, Canada.
I love shopping for all price levels of clothing, shoes and make up.
I love traveling and have been to over 30 countries
I love baking and cake decorating
I love entering contests and have won a lot of prizes.
I will be posting reviews of products I have purchased or won ( I will always let you know if the products was won or given to me to review). I will also be posting the links to some great contests I have found. Now some of the contests will be linked using a referral method meaning I will get an extra entry for you entering. If you are not okay with that then feel free to enter on your own by searching the contest.

I can see this post being edited in the future to fit better with the direction this blog takes. Please never take offense to anything posted here as it is just my opinion and not meant to be malicious or offensive towards anyone.